professional sports consultant

Zane, AKA the “Hockey Squirrel”, started his journey in college after falling in love with his alma mater’s D1 hockey team. This led to the combining of his two passions of computers and hockey. He graduated with a computer science degree and shortly after became deeply involved in statistics, data models, and predicting the outcome of hockey and baseball games. Over time, Zane became skilled enough to realize his dreams, quit his job, and teach others to be profitable full time.

Here at Hockey Squirrel, we teach all levels of experience in the sports betting space and provide the tools and knowledge that have been developed over years of experience to be profitable long term. As with anything in life, there are no guarantees of making money. This is not an over night ticket to fortune, fame, or riches. By understanding key concepts such as bankroll management, statistical edges, and positive expected values, we can shift probabilities and outcomes in our favor.

It is monumentally important to be true to yourself, stay within your means, and have clear cut goals in this industry. Those who ignore the rules of profitability, do not follow the teachings provided, and deviate from their goals will continue to struggle and will not be successful long term.

If you are ready to become a sponge, learn as much as possible, and never be complacent with your results, you are in the right place. Hockey Squirrel has devised and implemented a low quantity, high quality system that is meant to incrementally build wealth over time and would like to share this information with you. We strive to never stop learning and are excited to wake up every day to “solve the puzzle” of every slate of games.

What Do We Offer


  • Gain access to educational courses that help you stay organized, informed, and profitable.

  • Unlock the keys to profitability through bankroll management, in-depth record keeping, and finding the largest discrepancies by setting your own lines.

  • Skip years of trial and error, blown bankrolls, and frustration by learning what doesn’t work so you can find out what does.

Quality Research

  • Find out where to obtain the most up to date data and quality sources of information.

  • Learn how to format and compile data to maximize efficiency in discovering which plays have the highest likelihood of being profitable. 

  • Build system indicators with confidence! Learn the ropes of how to build systems and what goes into discovering long term profitable trends.

Professional Experience

  • Insight from a professional sports consultant to steer you in the right direction and help maximize results.

  • NHL specialist with in depth knowledge of players, line combinations, coaching, injury and travel, and situational awareness.

  • Professionally built system indicators for added support and statistical edge in every play.

For All Inquiries, Please Contact: [email protected]