About Me

A Passion For Hockey

There is nothing greater than the hockey code.

How Did The Hockey Squirrel Begin?

I am from Minnesota where the winters are cold, the sun sets early, and people bond over MN Wild games and pond hockey. The sport provides a sense of family and is inclusive to everyone. There is a lot of positivity that comes out of hockey that many people don’t see because it is deemed a rough sport filled with fighting. I am here to dispel that myth and show the great side of a fast paced and entertaining game.

I began picking games years ago out of a pure passion and love for the sport. It began with college hockey and made its way to the NHL where I fell in love with almost every team and began watching any game I could get my hands on. Now I want to take everything I’ve learned and share it with you!

My Services

I provide professional daily data on sporting events via statistical analysis as well as travel, injury and weather research. I aim to educate bettors of all skill levels and push my customers to learn from both their successes and failures by consistently reviewing their systems, metrics, and methods.

I offer a daily free service to all, and have an additional paid service for those who are looking to up their game with statistical and strategical edges.

Why Should You Join?

While there are no guarantees in sports, I take a mathematical and logical approach to every game to reduce the amount of risk of loss. Once the statistics have been analyzed, other surrounding game factors such as injuries, travel, and weather are taken into account to ensure the most accurate prediction and outcome.

Hockey Squirrel is a fun and safe environment to learn and improve your skills through educational video series, professionally built systems, and community engagement via social media!