About Me

What Can I Offer You?

I strive to educate sports bettors about the world of sports betting through in-depth analysis of individual players, game breakdowns, statistical research, and community engagement. 

I am very involved with my followers and am constantly willing to go the extra mile to find an edge and share that with my customers.

Each Bet is an opportunity to learn something new.

Win or Lose, We Study our Games.

By analyzing our bets both prior to and after the game, we better ourselves by figuring out why we won or lost.

Track Everything!

We hold ourselves accountable whether we are winning or losing and we stress the importance of keeping records of every bet no matter how big or small.

Learn in a safe environment.

We strive to create and maintain a safe and educational environment for bettors to learn, converse, and better themselves through community engagement.

Learning to deal with a loss is one of the biggest keys of sports betting.