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Follow the Hockey Squirrel’s journey of becoming a professional sports bettor and business owner. In this podcast we will cover current sports trends, sports betting strategy, and positive mindsets to attract success. You will find there is much more than just statistics that go into being a profitable sports bettor. Losing is a part of the deal and learning to accept and deal with loss is a vital key in becoming successful. We must teach ourselves to be happy and disciplined and not listen to others. A main focus of this show will be on the psychology of sports betting. There is something for everyone here so whether you are new, intermediate, or experienced, we’ve got you covered!

Zane Ohman

Zane is a professional sports bettor who has dedicated years to studying statistics, metrics, sportsbooks, and various methods of profitability within the sports betting space. He is the owner and operator of Hockey Squirrel and provides his clientele with educational and entertaining content through both humor and his experience and in-depth knowledge of being a professional bettor.

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