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Get access to the highest quality data, systems, research, and educational content. All backed by expert analysis.

The Keys to Success


Quality Data

By obtaining the highest quality and most up to date data and statistics, we are able make the most informed decisions in the industry. We pull from only the most trustworthy and accurate sources.


Key Metrics

Once quality data has been obtained, it is time to clean, parse, and format the data in a way that helps us to understand trends and predict future outcomes. Metrics are carefully picked to ensure the most impactful analysis possible.


Largest Discrepancies

We've found that limiting our action to only the largest discrepancies in all elements yields the best results. Inherently, this leads to low volume which is what we preach here at Hockey Squirrel.

Educational Courses

1st Period

Just starting out? No problem! In this course the Hockey Squirrel guides you through essential information you need to know about coming out victorious.

2nd Period

This is where we tie things together and get into the action! This course is great for all levels of experience and will serve as the gateway to your journey.

3rd Period

Finish strong! This course will help you gain advanced strategies to help put extra tools in your arsenal, further develop your in depth knowledge, and level up your game!

About The Squirrel

Take a look into the life of the Hockey Squirrel and how he got to where he is today. From the very beginning, through the trail and error, years of experience, failures, and successes. He is here to give you shortcuts, avoid the mistakes, and hand over the formula for success!